Partner Opportunities

Curious about the community here at Juil? Interested in having a taste of our culture? Does cross promotion sound interesting? On the edge of your seat to get your company featured on our blog?

We’re always looking to make new connections, so here are a few options if you’re interested:


If you’re a retailer interested in learning about Juil shoes and the possibility of stocking them in your store, reach out to sales@juil.com for more information.


We love doing cross promotions, giveaways, and sharing our wealth of knowledge! If you’re a company looking to explore some options, don’t hesitate to reach out to crosspromo@juil.com.


Interested in representing our brand? We have an incredible team of ambassadors and are always looking for more. Give us a shout at ambassadors@juil.com and we’ll chat about it! Otherwise, fill out our ambassador application.

Check out our awesome team of ambassadors on the ambassador bio page.


We want to reward all of the awesome professionals who have gone above and beyond by completing their yoga, barre, pilates and gyrotonic certifications. As a part of the Juil Teacher Program, we provide exclusive offers to certified fitness professionals. Interested in becoming a part of Juil's teacher community? Follow a few simple steps on the Teacher Discount Program page.


Have an upcoming retreat? Juils make the perfect welcome gift for your guests. Apply to Juil's Retreat Program to receive more information about how you can include us as part of your next retreat. 


Want to show off Juil on your website and make a commission doing it? Well, then we should talk about you becoming an affiliate partner! Send us a note at juil@affiliatemanager.com or learn more about the program on our Affiliate Program page.

Not sure which category you fit into? Want to do more than one of the above? Well, we’re just a phone call away and would love to get you in touch with the right person. Give us a ring at 1-877-791-3180 and we’ll help you out!